Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kim Kardashian Indy Watch

Score one for Graham Rahal. Make that two, actually: he secured a fast ride for the Indy 500 and he landed sponsorship from Quick Trim and their sultry promoter, Kim Kardashian.

Not that we're star struck or anything. I mean sure, she's got a mane of flowing onyx hair, curvy hips like Saharan sand dunes, eyes like a summer's tempest, and huge... hmmmm... wait, sorry, was I saying something?

And now that Sports Illustrated has confirmed that Kim will be at the track this month, the only question remaining is "when"? (Oh, and "what will she be wearing?" So I guess that's two questions.)

Now wait -- what about Graham's current girlfriend, you ask? Don't worry, Katie Osborne... If Kim's too old for Justin Beiber, she's too old for Graham Rahal. Besides, Katie's a Hoosier, and you don't mess with karma during the Month of May.

Anyway, this whole Kardashian conversation is pointless without pictures. So I'm throwing the gauntlet down (or laying it down, or whatever you do with a gaunlet): I want Kim Sightings, Indy 500 bloggers, and I want them immediately.

The clock has started.


Paul said...

Kim and Quick Trim are co-sponsoring the Graham Rahal car with Prostalex Plus. The #30 should be haulin' fast!!

Japan Used Cars said...

With the presence of Kim Kardashian for sure many people *specially guys* will going to watch this. I just felt sorry that I'm not present during the race to witness both Kim and Graham on the race..

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