Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kim Kardashian Cheers On Graham Rahal

Still no sign of Kim at the Indy 500 yet, but she's weighing-in on Graham's P7 qualification result over at
"225.6 mph!! WOW! That means we are starting 7th in the Indianapolis 500 (inside 3rd row) and I’m going to be there at the race next weekend to watch Graham win!"
OK guys, quick show of hands -- and just the guys, we're not concerned about where the gals' hands are right now: Who doesn't want to have Kim Kardashian gushing over how fast and impressive they are in a race car?

I mean, it's got to be distracting. Every time Graham gets out of the car he has to slide over Kim's body on the sidepod. When he checks his mirrors, there's Kim's face in his peripheral vision. At least she's facing forward, I guess.

But once again, Graham's girlfriend Katie Osborne has nothing to worry about. All Kim's got is world-wide market appeal, her traffic-stopping figure, a saucy attitude that just makes... um... sorry, I wandered off there again.

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