Monday, March 31, 2008

Predictions in Review

Last August I jotted down a few predictions for the 2008 Indycar season.

2007 Prediction: "Several CCWS teams move up to Indycars."
2008 Reality: Not since 2002 and the arrival of Ganassi, Penske, and Andretti-Green has the league seen so many CCWS teams, thanks to the beauty of CCWS/ICS unification. Of course, I didn't predict the unification itself, but hey, I'm happy to see open-wheel together again.

2007 Prediction: "Indycar stars depart for NASCAR."
2008 Reality: Hornish, Franchitti... we hardly knew ya. Yeah, I pretty much nailed that one but to be fair, the writing was on the wall.

2007 Prediction: "Foreign drivers cause consternation in NASCAR: As foreign-born drivers begin to win in NASCAR, longtime fans will react with a mixture of confustion, anger and disappointment."
2008 Reality: Hasn't happened yet, and I'm keeping my eye on this one. I guess I'm thinking Montoya at a road course, but one way of the other it's likely to happen.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Racemind Online

Greetings, blogophere!

You've found the blogging home of Racemind, one of the hundreds of colorful personalities you'll find over at Indycar racing uber-mecca I've logged well over 4,000 entries at TF, but you know how it is with message boards; today's thoughtful and engaging discussion becomes tomorrow's page 7 birdcage liner.

Enter the blog and it's essential goodies like permalinks -- the perfect compliment to the busy TrackForum social scene.

As I write this, the Indycar World Series is kicking off its 2008 season -- the first after unification with the rival Champcar series. As an Indycar fan, I find more cause for optimism than anytime in the past 10 years. Let's see where this goes.