Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Time to Shorten The Month of May

Yes, I know. I've committed Indy 500 heresy. Summon the ghost of Hulman and purify me with ethanol.

But as we all sit around with no activity on the track on this gorgeous 70-degree Tuesday, we owe it to ourselves to ask: do we really need 20 days to run the Indy 500?

Just take a look at the track schedule, which is empty for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We have two days off next week too. Couldn't we focus the attention of the racing world a little better if the action went for, say, 15 days without abatement?

Here's my proposed schedule for the 2010 Indianapolis 500 that cuts out the empty days and adds more days of practice to boot:

  • Fri May 14: Centennial Era Balloon Festival.
  • Sat May 15: Centennial Era Balloon Festival.
  • Sun May 16: Rookie Orientation.
  • Mon May 17: Track opens for practice.
  • Tue May 18: Practice.
  • Wed May 19: Practice.
  • Thu May 20: Practice.
  • Fri May 21: Fast Friday.
  • Sat May 22: Pole Day Qualifying.
  • Sun May 23: 2nd Day Qualifying / Coke Zero Music Festival.
  • Mon May 24: Bump Day Qualifying / Armed Forces Day.
  • Tue May 25: Indy Lights Practice (Rain Day Indycar Qualifying).
  • Wed May 26: Festival Community Day / Indy Lights Practice.
  • Thu May 27: Indy Lights Qualifying.
  • Fri May 28: Indy Lights Freedom 100 / Miller Lite Carb Day
  • Sat May 29: Festival Parade, Public Drivers Meeting, Autograph Session
  • Sun May 30: Indy 500
It's just a first draft, and I'm sure I left something off. I'm sure those living in Indianapolis would love for the festivities to draw on as long as possible, but packing all the fun into two weeks just might entice some visitors to stay for a week. Or two.

(Photo Credit: Humane Society of Indianapolis)


Goose said...

What are your thoughts on shortening the qualifying sessions themselves (ex. to 3 hours instead of 6)?

reddcarr said...

I wouldn't have bump day on a Monday, even if not much bumping. I'd just have two days of qualifying. That's still one whole day more than any other race anywhere as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Putting bump day on monday would be no fun. Also, what happens if it rains for 5 days straight, as it often does in Indy? Oh wait, people outside Indianapolis don't know about the weather problems.

Racemind said...

I guess if it rains 5 days straight then they use Thursday and Friday for time trials, cutting into Indy Lights practice and qual time.

Tristan said...

Thanks for using our picture :) Did you have a chance to attend Mutt Strut?

Unknown said...

Opening day should be on a Saturday or Sunday with an all skate. Rookies can get certified at verious times, but not an entire day (weekend day at that). Quals should be two days - no Monday Bump Day.