Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CEO-Gate Wrap-Up

For those that missed this bizarre news cycle, let me sum it up for you:
  • Robin Miller claimed that Tony George had been ousted from the position of CEO at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • The Indycar metasphere of posters and bloggers lit up like a roman candle.
  • Two hours later, Tony George held a press conference and said the reports were incorrect and that he remained as the CEO.
Sounds like the end of the story, but it isn't:
  • Robin Miller then announced that his source was impeccable and he stands behind his story.
Most analysis are now saying that Robin Miller's source probably meant that Tony George will step down "someday", but somewhere between the source's lips and Robin's keyboard a misunderstanding occurred.

The Racemind Take: TrackSideOnline was extremely cheritable to Miller when they said that "there does appear to be some truth to Miller's initial report". That truth only exists if at some point in the future George actually steps down, but for today I don't see a shred of truth in Robin's article. Remember, the original article began with ""The controversial, ground-breaking, tumultuous 20-year reign of Tony George at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is over." That's a bit like annoucing in 1989 that terrorists just attacked the New York City, and then throwing your hands in the air on September 12th 2001 and declaring, "See! I got the story right except for the date."

Robin Miller: FAIL.

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