Monday, December 15, 2008

With or Without Honda

When the economy goes sour and your racing series has exactly *one* supplier of something, folks start to worry. Especially when that something is the engine.

Trackforum poster "TheDJ" from posted their concern about Honda, based on comments made by Jay Howard:

"OK guys, so I've been worried as Honda not only pulled from F1, but also AMA Superbikes... but then Joie Chitwood left the PRI show on Day One and said it was because of bad news that needed to be released this week..."

I'm actually not worried about losing Honda. From the first race back in 1996, the Indycar Series has always had a source of engines, and if Honda withdrew (with adequate notice of course), builders would emerge from the woodwork. Where there is a funded series with funded teams that are ready to write a check, I'm sure some engine brand would love to have their name in the Indy 500 Winner's Circle.

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