Saturday, April 26, 2008

TracksideOnline Fantasy Turns to Nightmare

What's that called, when you keep trying something and keep getting the same negative result, but you keep trying anyway? ("Insanity", my helpful wife shouts from across the room.)

Last year my experience with the Indycar Fantasy game lasted all of about a week: I signed up, set my lineup, then forgot to do it every week thereafter. But this year, oooohhhh yeah baby... 2008 was going to be year that I kicked booty. ("Kick booty" is a term I learned from my 7-year-old, who proudly said he learned it from Alvin And The Chipmunks. It was only after they watched it twice that I realized it is rated PG for a reason.)

Well, I guess I'm discovering that I'm not much of a "check in every week" kind of player.

Wanna know how I discovered that? It's pretty simple, really. I entered my picks for Homestead, a brilliant slate of drivers that placed me solidly in the... well, middle of the league, something like 125 out of 266. But I had everybody right where I wanted them.

I tried to enter my picks for St. Pete right away, but the web page wouldn't let me -- apparently it was too early. No sweat, I thought; the league has a new system this year that will automatically roll my picks from one week to the next, as long as the driver salaries remain below the $1,600,000 limit.

Apparently one of my drivers suddenly became very expensive. Because I had no picks entered for St. Pete. Nothing. Zero points.

Ok, I can recover from this. Just gotta get my picks in for Motegi early. Um, except not yet, because the system won't let me enter them yet. And then once it did let me enter them, I seemed to keep picking drivers that were too expensive, which meant that I still didn't have a slate of drivers selected. No matter, I'll just figure it out Friday.

Friday, though, was not to be. Early deadline, you see.

So, forth time's a charm, right? I'm hopelessly mired near last place, and the season's shot. But I have a trick up my sleeve. We'll see if I can turn lemons into lemonade.

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