Monday, March 31, 2008

Predictions in Review

Last August I jotted down a few predictions for the 2008 Indycar season.

2007 Prediction: "Several CCWS teams move up to Indycars."
2008 Reality: Not since 2002 and the arrival of Ganassi, Penske, and Andretti-Green has the league seen so many CCWS teams, thanks to the beauty of CCWS/ICS unification. Of course, I didn't predict the unification itself, but hey, I'm happy to see open-wheel together again.

2007 Prediction: "Indycar stars depart for NASCAR."
2008 Reality: Hornish, Franchitti... we hardly knew ya. Yeah, I pretty much nailed that one but to be fair, the writing was on the wall.

2007 Prediction: "Foreign drivers cause consternation in NASCAR: As foreign-born drivers begin to win in NASCAR, longtime fans will react with a mixture of confustion, anger and disappointment."
2008 Reality: Hasn't happened yet, and I'm keeping my eye on this one. I guess I'm thinking Montoya at a road course, but one way of the other it's likely to happen.

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